My teaching philosophy

My teaching philosophy is very fundamental – Every child can learn.

My favorite teachers always strived for authentic learning opportunities that allowed me to grow, they were role models to me and encouraged me to continue to learn beyond the four walls of the classroom. Similarly, I am passionate about my job as an educator and I believe this will reflect in my students and through my enriched lessons. Every child deserves an equitable opportunity for education. My role is to provide the support according to their abilities, including those with special education needs, no matter the language of instruction.

To achieve this:

  • I will make cross-curricular connections between the Ontario curriculum and the Family Life Education program by promoting educational values and goals that support the development of Catholic character.
  • I will relate the curriculum and learning goals to the different learning styles, interests and experiences of all my students.
  • I will have an “open door” approach, with my students, parent(s), and faculty.
  • I will provide continuous feedback to my students, allowing them to find purpose in their learning.
  • I will embrasse new technology and change.

This approach will provide students with the opportunity and the necessary tools they need in order to achieve success.