Posted in Module 6

How God Invites Us to Grow

In module 5 we read the Stages of faith written by James Fowler. The article, grow.jpg describes his model. For the reading in module 5 I reflected mostly on myself, my own faith and what stage I currently am at. This time, I read How God Invites Us to Grow keeping my students in mind.

This article outlines in an understandable manor the ways in which people are affected by their faith. It was especially pertinent to read because it helps me better understand the ways that faith develop and therefore different ways in which I can guide students through their own development. These elements are important to consider in schools to not only help us understand our students but to also allow the students to better understand their own faith.

In todays society students are faced with more and more peer pressure and it is essential that students are able to develop their own personal faith based on their own thoughts and beliefs without being influenced by what others say or do. By gaining deeper meaning through Scripture, students will be able to create a personal connection and allow their faith to develop.

Something I found particularly interesting in this article is when it states that interfaith shouldn’t be seen as a threat and more as “an opportunity for new understanding. Recognition of the sisterhood and brotherhood of all people also intensifies one’s commitment to the well-being of all humankind.” This is a important lesson to teach students because it reminds us to respect everyone, especially in a country like Canada where multiculturalism is so prevalent. Furthermore, it allows us to see the similarities between different religions and cultures in a manor that brings people together.




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