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The Encyclical of Pope John Paul II

I choose to read the Encyclical of Pope John Paul II. It was fascinating to read a kind of letter concerning Catholic doctrine, sent by the Pope himself. I feel as though it allowed me to gain new insight into Catholic faith more importantly, new insight I will be able to pass on to students.eucharist1

This particular Encyclical discussed the importance of the Eucharist. It taught me what the Eucharist mean within our faith and how it stands as the heart of the church. Pope John Paul II states “It is this fruit of a transfigured existence and a commitment to transforming the world in accordance with the Gospel which splendidly illustrates the eschatological tension inherent in the celebration of the Eucharist and in the Christian life as a whole: “Come, Lord Jesus!” (Rev 22:20).” He continues to discuss its profound relationship with Mary because she is directly related to the Eucharist. I had never thought of Mary having such a large relationship and affect that the Eucharist would have on the church as a whole. He finishes the Encyclical illustrating the Eucharist as a mystery that we must experience. “Every commitment to holiness, every activity aimed at carrying out the Church’s mission, every work of pastoral planning, must draw the strength it needs from the Eucharistic mystery and in turn be directed to that mystery as its culmination.”

This reading helped me discover the importance of  in the church and that I must transmit this message to my students. As a primary teacher, it is possible that I have students who will be having their first communion and it is crucial that they understand the important the communion. I can use insight from the reading to explain to my students the true meaning of Jesus’ sacrifice and further understanding of the true meaning of the Eucharist, bringing them closer to God.


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