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How to Understand the Bible

In module 3, I discussed one way to promote Catholic identity within our classrooms and schools was to continue to seek personal growth for our own spirituality and faith even as adults. Reading this article made me think about that point further. This article states that it “unlocks the hidden secrets of understanding the Bible for yourself.” Which made me think about how the last time I went to a Bible study was when I was a child. The article reminded me that The Bible contains “the most difficult and controversial topics imaginable, yet they agree. They do not contradict one another.” Which made me realize I should study these controversial topics now as an adult in order to better understand.

One of the questions that stuck out to me the most was “If God is so good, why is the world such a mess?” This is a question I myself have always struggled with. I often forget to rely on the word of God to answer these types of question. As a Catholic educator, I must keep this in mind because it is my responsibility to teach this to my students. This will certainly affect my future vocation because at times I will be faced with difficult situations or students will come to me with difficult questions and I must remember to rely on the words of God. “God’s Word is like a flashlight. When you are in a dark place, the flashlight’s beams penetrate the darkness, providing light on the path ahead. The Bible enlightens our understanding.” We must therefore learn ourselves to understand the Bible in order for us to teach our students to understand.


Lesson 1 – How to Understand the Bible. (2016). Retrieved 14 October 2016, from


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