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Curriculum Matters

When I think back to when I was growing up in the catholic school education and compare it to the placements I’ve had in the public school board I try to look at the differences. What makes a catholic school? What would make a catholic family choose a catholic school over a public school?

In chapter 1 of Mark McGowan article in Curriculum Matters he discusses in part, just that. This article emphasizes the importance as educators “to reaffirm what Catholic education is about and to identify what are its distinctive qualities.” It is our role to implement what we know and educate our students as a part of the catholic community.  As McGowan says, “It is possible that through default or through apathy it will lose its distinctive Catholic identity and largely resemble its public system equivalent.” Therefore, me must work towards keeping a Catholic education system thus affecting my future vocation.

This chapter discusses the problems in the curriculum for Catholic educators and the lack of recognition there is when it comes to considering the needs of the Catholic education system however, I find the curriculum to be written in a way that leaves room for creativity and doesn’t stop teachers from integrating catholic education within the different subjects. Furthermore, considering this article is written in 1996, he mentions how the Catholic “public” education was so young at that point and what it will grow into is still unknown, it would be interesting to read an update 20 years later and how it has grown since. It is clear that they may mention Catholic education more in the latest version of The Ontario Curriculum, Social Studies, Grades 1-6; History and Geography, Grades 7-8 (2013). They mention under specific expectations a few examples that involve the history of Catholics in Canada. It is clear that there are still many other subjects where Catholic education can be incorporated but we are not refrained from doing so.

How can you see yourself incorporating a Catholic education to your students and what other subjects would you integrate it with?


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